Enriched Water provides clean water for your home, animals and crops by purifying your water and clearing the plumbing system. With your water treated by Enriched Water you will see improved animal health resulting in increased production and reduced medical costs.

Enriched Water works because it’s a combination of a 50% hydrogen peroxide base and our added formula to create a solution that removes water odors, sequesters contaminants and reduces or eliminates several animal disorders.

Hydrogen peroxide is an organic product consisting of a water molecule with an extra oxygen electron. When it comes into contact with anaerobic bacteria it results in a chemical reaction that releases the extra oxygen and destroys the bacteria, leaving no residual effects when used under recommended conditions.

What to expect when using Enriched Water Hydrogen Peroxide solution?

Water that is
• clean
• clear
• odorless
• better tasting
• clear of biofilm
• algae free

Water systems that:
• are protected from:
– rust
– corrosion
• are clear of buildup
• have Increased
– water pressure
– water flow rate

Improved health in:
• you
• your animals

Benefits of using Enriched Water Hydrogen Peroxide solution for water treatment
Healthy and Natural Disinfection
Harmful anaerobic bacteria are destroyed on contact without a need for retention tanks.

Cleaning & Sterilizing
Cleans and sterilizes surfaces resulting in cleaner water, water lines, tanks, fountains, waterers, troughs & nipples

Odor & Taste Removal
Removes odors and bad taste while sequestering the odor causing contaminants (such as Sulfur, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRBs) and Iron) from your water without producing toxic by products

Increased Consumption
Cleaner water leads to increased water consumption which in turn improves feed consumption and feed conversion in livestock and poultry operations

Digestive Health
Not all bacteria are bad. Aerobic bacteria are needed to keep digestion in good order. This aerobic bacteria is not damaged so keeps the digestive system from getting bogged down with intestinal problem

Immune systems are strengthen by the higher oxygen levels in the body making them better able to resist infections and diseases

General Health
High water intake levels help flush toxins from the body.

Corrosion Inhibition
Inhibits the corrosion of water distribution components which also results in lower water lead and copper levels

TDS Sequestration
Sequesters many of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water which in turn:

  • reduces rusty or dirty water by manipulating iron and manganese to prevent iron deposits
  • reduces discoloration and staining
  • improves water quality and flow rates by eliminating scale (existing and future build-up) as minerals that create scale are held in solution

Why Enriched Water works better than regular peroxide

Our formula, which is added to the 50% hydrogen peroxide base, acts as a stabilizer, sequestrant and corrosion inhibitor.

Slows the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to help it reach:
• all parts of your water system to get treated
• the water at the end of your lines, where the animals will drink

Binds organic matter and dissolved metal salts (iron, manganese, sulphur and calcium) so they cannot be absorbed or react in its original manner. This suppresses detrimental chemical and biological activity. By sequestering the total dissolved solids your water can be softened by approximately 25%.

Corrosion Protection
Further inhibits corrosion of your plumbing by forming a protective film on the inside of the water distribution system.

Chlorine versus Enriched Water Hydrogen Peroxide solution

• causes rust
• kills all bacteria (good and bad)
• takes 10-30 minutes to kill bacteria (depending on the temperature of the water)
• may cause poisoning when shocking a well if too much chlorine stays in the water
• has many residual effects
– Creates cancer causing agents called Trihalomethanes (THMs) while interacting with organic material. Many THMs are considered carcinogenic
– Concentrations over 1000 ppm can result in milk fat depression and reduced water intake
– Free chlorine has been linked to causing arteriosclerosis (cholesterol deposits that can lead to clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes).
Enriched Water
• leaves a thin coating on the interior of the water lines to prevent rust and corrosion
• only kills harmful anaerobic bacteria, leaving the beneficial aerobic bacteria to aid in digestion
• kills bacteria on contact (there is no need for retention tanks)
• is injected into the lines at a controlled rate and breaks down to water and oxygen
• has no residual effects

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