Enriched Water: Swine

50% Hydrogen Peroxide with Stabilizer and Sequestrants

There are many sources of water contaminants, such as nasal discharge from animals containing bacteria or feed dropped into water reservoir that if left unattended may develop anaerobic (bad) bacteria. Those bacteria can end up in the water tanks, passing it on to other animals.

With Enriched Water Hydrogen Peroxide solution, bad water will be fixed, leading to increased water and feed consumption which in turn will result in greater weight gains. Occurrences of bacteria, infections and diseases will be reduced, resulting in healthier animals and less need for antibiotics and medication. As your herd drinks the cleaner and healthier water you will see health benefits from that alone.

[Increased production] – [reduced expenses] = increased profits

Swine Producers using Enriched Water have noted the following benefits:

• cleaner water
• increased consumption of water and feed
• improved digestion (feed conversion) and weight gain
• Improved overall animal health
• strengthened immune systems
• improved farrowing & piglet health

Enriched Water increases the following production

Beneficial weight gains
• Increases weight gains through improved digestion and increased feed consumption and conversion
• Oxygenated water stimulates weight gains to muscles

General health
• The extra oxygen provided by the hydrogen peroxide will act as free radicals in the pigs acting as another method in removing toxins from their body [Swine]
• Reduced infections & diseases such as:
– internal parasites
– respiratory problems & PRRS
– mastitis
– quickly treats Greasy Pig disease

Improved farrowing & piglet health
• The sows will be drinking more so they will have ample milk to feed multiple piglets
• When the piglets are sucking from the sow they receive benefits of the peroxide through the milk
• You can expect to have healthy good sized piglets
• The piglets will have resistance to coccidiosis (scours)

Litter size
• increased litter sizes

Enriched Water reduces the following expenses

Water distribution system maintenance
• Prevents water flow rate reduction due to build-up
• Increases system lifespan by inhibiting corrosion

Medical and veterinarian intervention
• Improving animal general health through:
– boosting animal immune systems
– increasing water consumption to assist in flushing toxins from the body
• Removing bacteria, contaminants and reducing water borne disease from the water
• The sows will be in better health, reducing complications during farrowing

• Improves digestion and feed conversion to enable faster weight gains requiring less time before being ready for market

Death loss from health complications


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